Patriot Catholic

Patriot Catholic is the student organization at UT Tyler. All students are welcome to join the organization!


The officers of Patriot Catholic work together to put on events and activities around St. John Paul the Great and on campus. 

  • President: Brandon Reinertsen
  • Vice President: Tara Bridgeman
  • Secretary: Angela Carney
  • Treasurer: Anthony Trojacek
  • Advertising: Jeffrey Ehimuh
  • Monday Funday: Jennifer Morgan
  • Liturgy Coordinator: Patrick Cook
Student Fees


Patriot Catholic is the governing body for all UT Tyler students. This organization not only allows us access to activities and space on Campus but contributes greatly to the work of the ministry. 

All UT Tyler students are welcome to be a member of Patriot Catholic. A $25 membership fee each year gives you a t-shirt and access to all events and also makes you a main contributor to the great work of evangelization happening at the ministry and on campus. Officers of Patriot Catholic are elected each April from among their peers, and they are responsible for organization major activities like outreach on campus, volunteer events, community-wide parties, and much more! 

If you are a TJC student, don't worry! Patriot Catholic is here for you, too. You are welcome at every Patriot Catholic event, and may even pay a membership fee if you would like the benefits of membership. 

Campus Rosary